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  • Monday October 22nd

  • 8.00pm (GTM+1)

    (Don’t worry! When the day comes, you will find the streaming here)


Do gender differences have biological basis?

There is currently a big debate about in which extent gender is a social construct or is biological one. There is a current that affirms that gender is a purely social and cultural construct that faces those who consider there is a biological component.

The existence of gender roles makes it very difficult to distinguish what similarities and differences exist between men and women in a natural way.

The social interpretation of being a man or a woman has given each person his or her function in the world before birth, which is why today it is difficult for us to discern what is biological and what is cultural and learned in the masculine and feminine. From psychology, many studies have focused on researching whether this distinction of roles is due to different innate aptitudes or, on the contrary, whether social inequalities are what created these differences.

Starting from this axis, the question that focuses the debate is 'Do gender differences have a biological basis?'

Team Yes:

  • Rosalind Arden, Researcher, London School of Economics

  • Ferran Suay, Professor of Psychobiology at the Universtat de València

Team No:

  • Angela Saini, writer and journalist. Author of the book "Inferior".

  • Pilar López Sancho, Research Professor at ICMM-CSIC and member of the CSIC Women and Science Commission.