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Regueifas de Ciencia is an initiative of the University of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain) and is funded by FECYT, the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology, belonging to the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (Spanish Government).

The exhibition and confrontation of ideas is intrinsic to scientific knowledge. Debating seeks to expose and to make opinions, foundations and arguments of the different positions around a topic known. In addition, it fulfills a learning and enrichment function in the audience participating in it, enabling to form informed and well-founded opinions in society, being able to deepen and enriching the own position or change starting positions even.

The rapidity and overexposure to the information in which we live in, often lacks analysis and scrutiny capable of forming an informed opinion free of prejudices or biased visions.

That is why we think that proposing debates on issues of great relevance and importance for society, with speakers of exceptional training, expertise, and capacity are an adequate response that should be offered from the university to society.

The debates we are proposing are to be not only intelligent, about topics of current concern, and provocative but also orderly, disciplined, and informative.

Why this name, why ‘regueifas’?

A regueifa is an old tradition here in Galicia  (North west Spain) and it is an improvised dialectic dispute in verse between two people on a certain subject.

Although actually... a ‘regueifa’ was also a special type of bread that was prepared for weddings. When there was a dispute of this type, iin verse, then the winner used to be awarded with this bread, a ‘regueifa’ as prize. This prize was normally shared with the rest of the guests. And that is the reason why this type of sung dialectic fights are called ‘regueifas’.


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Facultade de Ciencias da Comunicación da USC

Campus Norte, Av. de Castelao, s/n, 15782 Santiago de Compostela, La Coruña